Dawn Brooks
Secretary and Sales

Dawn has been on staff since the companies establishment in 1985. Having a degree from the University of Georgia in communication see handles all of the companies secretary and sales.  She also is a Re/Max Around Atlanta agent where she has been awarded many accolades for her hard work and dedication to her clients.


J.L. Brooks Construction is a local family owned and operated hard-working construction company serving Metro Atlanta for the past 32 years.  J.L. Brooks Construction does everything from small remodeling, new construction, to light commercial construction jobs throughout Metro Atlanta.  Large scale solutions, communication development and project management, we offer our clients the full package every day!
J.L. Brooks
Founder and President
Mark Brooks
Project Manager

J.L. a Smyrna, Ga native took a dream of his and made it not only a successful company but an industry leader.  Since establishing in 1985 the sky has been the limit building in a number of top notch subdivisions and developments in the Metro Atlanta area.  J.L. believes that hardwork and determination will take you far in life, this couldn't be more true and at the center of this companies makeup.  Having a passion for the betterment of the community has always been in J.L.'s way of life coaching and running the Georgia Middle School Football Association which over sees all 97 schools that are in the Metro Atlanta area.  


J.L. oversees all projects at J.L. Brooks Construction as well as business development, pricing, and planning.


He is an avide sportsman and steward of the land

We are excited that you have decided to visit our website.  We look forward to meeting and doing business with you, in the near future. We are a full-service construction company helping you meet all of your wants and needs from new constructions to a full home renovation.  We are blessed to be celebrating our 32nd year in business and want to thank you for allowing this to be possible! 


J.L. Brooks, President J.L. Brooks Construction

Meet the Family

Justin, Dawn, J.L., & Jase

Mark has been on staff for J.L. Brooks Construction Inc. for over 20 years managing projects large and small.  As project manager, he is involved in all of the hands-on work and encounters with the clients making sure each project runs as smoothly as possible.